Wednesday, July 19, 2006


For the past several months, DH hasn't been real happy at work and has been making noise about leaving but then saying he didn't want to as he felt like he was finally getting somewhere with it, they were promising new equipment which would make the job easier and higher rates of pay etc. I was dubious and told him I didn't believe this was going to actuate since it hadn't thus far and felt he should be putting feelers out for a new job instead of staying here just because it was a safe and comfortable "known" situation. But typical cancerian he is stubron, doesn't like change or moving out of his comfort zone and just plain didn't want to hear it. The last week it's became more tense - they weren't being given the information they needed and were promised in order to do their jobs but then they were getting scolded for not meeting target. Management Logic at it's best. It was obvious to me where it was all heading and he talked about quitting. I told him not before he secured another job - we are barely scraping by as it is, we don't need to go who knows how long without money!

At any rate, today it all came to a head and they told him and several other people new policies were put in place that basically meant if you didn't meet target there was zero tollerance so they had the choice between resigning now or having the contracts broken at the end of the week.

So, we are currently among the unemployed. NOW he admits I was right and regrets not looking and in his own words, letting his "big head get in the way of listening to you and what my heart was telling me about the job." He has several prospects he's started to look into but none of them are a sure thing and we NEED a sure thing. We have the pay from this fortnight coming and the commissions from this month, which is good. But that wasn't even covering our monthly expenses and after that...
I think my brain is just plain refusing to deal with the idea of his being out of work now and I'm sure tomorrow denial is going to crumble, it's going to hit me and I'll end up freaking out.

Sorry, that's it for tonight. Hope I didn't bum anyone out.

ETA In shaping Sierra's "through the legs" trick, I got a cute variation where she goes through and curls around my leg. AW! CUTE! So I'm keeping that as a seperate trick. So it'll be straight through from front, straight through from rear, curl around L leg from front and rear, curl around R leg from front and rear.

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HipbubbyMama said...

Oh bugger :( Hope Nic finds a new job soon. you may just have to start charging for training now Amanda! You could charge rich ladies in Toorak to train their yappy poodles ;-)