Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Further Saga of the Green Socks

Okay for those who don’t know the story thus far, basically we couldn't keep any socks on Laurent's feet. After trying (and losing) dozens of different socks, we tried Bonds. We got a couple types, one of which was a green and white pair he glommed onto. The child is seriously obsessed with the color green and wonder of wonders... those green socks stayed ON his feet!

Which brings us to the update. A few weeks back we went to get more except they were out. They did however have them in blue. Same style, same size... only difference is color. They lasted for all of 2 minutes. And haven't stayed on his feet since. So apparently it's really only green socks that are acceptable! TSL is still out so I put in the call to their other stores to send over any pairs they have... but only the green ones! LOL

Speaking of Laurent, he's made out like a bandit recently. I'd put our name down for some stuff pre-out-of-workness which arrived... 3 t-shirts from Beastly Bums, a bead twirl toy, a gorgeous board book, a nice activity table for him to stand up at and a bunch of wooden blocks. Okay so he's too young to build stuff with the blocks now but he enjoys banging them around, dove straight for the green one and Nic finds it amusing to build structures for Laurent to smack down. Still, do you know what the hands down coolest toy tonight was? An empty mineral water bottle which he spent a good 20 minutes chasing around the floor! ROTFLMAO!

I'm thinking about moving some more. (Still. Perpetually.) Our house is just really poorly laid out for a child. That's not the only reason we want to move of course but it's becoming a bigger one the more mobile he gets. There's no where he can really play except for the back room, which has hard slippery floors, folding doors to the dining area he knows how to open (they're impossible to secure) and all glass windows from the floor up among other hazards. I'm rather seriously thinking we may move to Blackburn/Blackburn North/South area later in the year. It's not out in the country like I want but that's just never going to happen no matter how bad I want it. Maybe we could at least find a more child friendly house and a nice back garden for setting up a tiny agility area. The very little I've seen of the area looks nice. Nic might consider it as there's a train station and it's only 15-17 minute drive from Preshil for Laurent. Plus the prices seem to be reasonable. We'd get maybe $550-600 out of this house, minus whatever taxes and stamp duty so maybe we'd even have some leftover to put into other investments. I'd like to avoid having to borrow, as we don't have a house payment now and I want to keep it that way. So something to think about...

In better news, Nic has had a couple of ring-backs and has an interview/trial run at TGI Friday's tomorrow for a position as a grill cook. It'd be nice if so, it's only part-time, not sure how many hours per week but at least it would be some money coming in and qualify for experience as well. Then he'd need a second part time or eventually find a full time. Hopefully he gets a ring back for one of the full time ones as well in case this doesn't go through.

Training is still going really well. Cade is having fun with various things, while we're working on heeling and tricks for Ms Sierra. Caught a snag in the heeling thingie... Sierra apparently was taking away the idea that it only means to come from behind me and into position. She doesn't know it from the front or side short of swinging around me. Opps! So we're working on that as well as lengthening the time she'll keep heeling.

We're at a point where we need to start putting our first routine together. I'm jumping the gun a little bit, it's actually for another 2 weeks the class is going to start but I it's too much fun not to think about. It's going to be a short one and we don't have to do anything but heel around if we don't want to. I'd like to throw in a bit of fun though! ;-) I think I've chosen our music as well. Where do you find a short clip without having to remix? Television theme songs. I was thinking about a couple but as a bit of fun I think I've settled on the theme from Scoobie Doo. I think the tricks are simple to picture and it would be a funny little skit for the audience.

Anyway, that's it for now.

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