Friday, July 28, 2006

Good news all around!

Okay, first the good news: Nic got the job! And it may have an option to go full-time! (Not for certain but it's possible... which would be very good!) So he'll start Tuesday and be working in TGI Friday's at the Jam Factory. Since it was so gorgeous today, I really wanted to get the heck out of the house and enjoy the sunshine. After Nic got off we went to the Royal Botanical Gardens and wandered around. Not much in bloom at the moment but I still love the place!

Here's a few quick pics I snapped that came out okay. Three others came out blurry and noisy as I was having a hard time holding the camera steady.
And of course I had to have some of my little man, because there's just no such thing as too many cute bubby pictures! LOL

Of course inbetween shots, Bunny had to give kisses... big, gooey ones! (Which as everyone knows are the very best kind of bubby kiss.)

Now for the other good news: for the past week we've been testing my eatting dairy again to see if it would still affect him. So far, so good... he's been fine with it! We're still not pushing our luck too hard, in case we build the sensitivity back up but at least now I can relax how paranoid I've had to be about reading labels!

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Sif said...

Oh, some stunning pics there! Makes me want to go out and take photos, LOL!

In that first photo of L, he looks just like his dad!