Tuesday, July 18, 2006

a short post

Just a short post tonight... betchya didn't know I could do those did you?

Doggie stuff is coming along great, Si is doing a lot better in several areas and we're working on her homework for freestyle. We need to think of a piece of music for our first routine, which we'll start putting together the week after this one. I have a few things in mind but it's hard to find one that is appropriate and short enough, needs to be about 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds. I also got into contact with the Tracking Club of Victoria as they're holding a tracking training day the 30th, which sounds like fun! I may take the two hooligans! :-)

And an interesting thing happened today... we got a letter from one of DH's cousins on his father's side. We didn't even know she existed! Apparently his father's brother had a daughter, Nina, who has a 17 year old son and a 14 year old daughter and lives in Burwood East! Neat! We're going to go meet them this Sunday afternoon for dinner.

Nina, Nic's cousin, also told an interesting story about our surname. We'd always wondered a bit about it, it's not a typical Italian surname and aside from DH's family we don't know anyone who shares it. Apparently the story goes that way back when churches had a donation box of sorts which was for anonymous donations. You basically opened a little door, set something in the little capsule, closed the door and the capsule rotated to the inside of the church. Well one day the monks found a most unusual donation - when they opened it, among the donations lay a little baby. It was suspected one of the royalty who had an affair resulting in a child not by her husband which meant she couldn't keep it. The monk picked the baby up and had to decide on a name. Finally he decided that as the baby had been orbiting around in the donation box all night, the baby would be called Orbitani.

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