Sunday, July 09, 2006


No training today and not much in the way of deep thoughts, it was just too darn busy!

I spent the morning and afternoon cleaning, doing laundry, sweeping, vacuming, mopping, dusting, cleaned the kitchen top to bottom, broke down storage boxes we'd cleaned out, weeding the entire front garden, planted 2 standard roses and artemsia, some bulbs, cleaned the bathroom top to bottom, the windows, line brushed the fuzzy dog, got the cat box, sorted out some of our files and then made a run for party supplies as it's DH's birthday tomorrow but we'er celebrating today.

I'm happy to say his party went off quite well! He enjoyed his gifts and spending time with his mates. I'd been worried about how I'd pull a nice b-day off for him. Birthdays are reaaaally big deals to me. I want to give the person something unique, something that reflects our relationship, something they'll cherish and be a tangible reminder of how much I love them. I want the day to be *perfect* and memorable.

Initially, I'd thought to surprise him with a weekend get-away but our financial situation is uh... not conducive. (Our costs plus finding somewhere you can bring 2 dogs, plus boarding for cat, ferrets and finches.) Okay, so what was perfect but budget friendly? *thinking thinking* A HA! I planned to have a bunch of his mates show up at Games Workshop and surprise him with a night of gaming together and then dinner. I mentioned it without mentioning it (said he should take his stuff and go play with them sometime) and he pointed out his their work schedules would make it impossible, one guy isn't into it etc. Hn. Well. Crap. That was the sole cheap-but-brilliant-and-unique idea I had, so I 'fessed up I'd been planning it as a party. Feeling rather dejected (how could I pull off something deep and meaningful but not budget busting in a few days?!) I said well maybe we should just get a bunch of pizza and beer and have everyone over. "Hey! That sounds like a great idea hon! Yeah, let's do that!"


I'm elated it was a great birthday for him and the most fun he's had in awhile (his words) but I'm (mentally!) smacking my at the thought that all my nice ideas being surpassed by pizza and beer! LOL (How many times have I repeated the adage that what is a reward and what is an aversive is determined by the individual?!?!?)

One of his friends brought his girlfriend, who is a really nice and very down to earth person. She had fun playing with Laurent who enjoyed her equally the little ham but at one point she asked after our back garden. I showed it to her, mentioning what a mess it was (needs lots of weeding) she said, "Oh you just need to get motivated!" See, that's how you tell if someone has kids or not... comments like that! I laughed and assured her motivation isn't the issue... I have that to spare! If all it took was motivation, the garden would look like something out of a Home & Garden magazine. Time on the other hand... especially baby-free time, well, that's another matter!

Anyhow it's time for me to get to bed. Oh bed, oh bed, delicious bed! That heaven on earth to the weary head...

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loz said...

Oh A big Happy Birthday to your DH and it is great to hear he enjoyed his birthday party:D