Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I seriously am really annoyed with myself at the moment. I STILL didn't get out the door on time to mail the envelope, scan the letter I need to scan and get the library books turned in today. I got lots of other stuff done but some silly stuff up's on my part made me miss those. It'd be very easy to say that Laurent keeps my hands full (he does...) and his bug has made things even more full-on but that's not totally honest. A lot of it is from lack of fore-planning when I try to approach the task as one big overwhelming lump instead of breaking it down into smaller, easily accomplishable bits with a plan. I wouldn't train a dog like that and darn well KNOW it doesn't work with myself any better, duh!

Time to borrow a dog-training adage, Bailey it up and think-plan-DO!

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