Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cade tricks

I'm going to write a proper post later but wanted to show off some new Cade tricks. Well the jumping isn't a new trick but the other two are and it was a nice shot so I'm including it! ;-)

Anyhow, this first pic is the "Hi Ho Silver" trick. He rears up and stands like this. The cue is my finger held waist level and pointing out. If I wiggle the finger "Silver" goes from the standing-rear to pawing the air in the standing-rear. Please excuse our horribly messy back garden, it's under renovations! LOL

Okay, now this is an example of a variation on a theme. "Do something with your paws" turned into this cute little "hold my hand"trick during a 101TTDW Your Paws session. We also have a wave, a high five, a 'hit' his right or left paw to the opposite hand (iow his right paw, my left hand OR his left paw, my right hand), knock a target object off the table, open the door, close the cupboard or door etc. etc. etc. He is a very paw oriented dog.
And last but not least, the pointy red dog (as opposed to the fuzzy red dog) gets some air time. Yes, it's on cue so it counts as an actual trick instead of just him being a stinker! LOL

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