Thursday, July 13, 2006

How does everyone come up with a creative title each time?

We did end up getting out today which was just what we needed! We got to stop by the crystal shop and Bunny helped pick out some incense (white sage) and a few small crystals. I'm still looking for a moldavite tie-pin for DH. I'm told this is a weird request, the tie pin part I mean. (Honestly, what does she expect? I'm the Queen of Weird Requests!) DH really was taken by the stone and I think it's a good match for him at this point in his life as long as it's coupled with something grounding. Unfortunately the car ride back was less happy, as Laurent still hates the car seat and was crying, so we had to pull over and calm down and in the end distract him by giving him my key ring to play with. Still, all in all a nice day out.

We got some dog training in, with lots of "help" from Laurent in the form of trying to snag my clicker or the treats. He tends to put everything in his mouth though, so the only treats he gets to give the dogs are the kind I don't mind him eatting as well. (Like a bit of cereal or apple-mush or something... yes, my dogs eat veggies and fruits.) Sierra is still progressing nicely. Cade decided he needed some training as well and pointedly sat in front of me eyeballing the clicker today, so yes, we devised some stuff for him as well. I need to find a baby-proof i-Click though... munchkin has mangled two of mine out of three in a few days. He also managed to snag two of my poor plants as we were walking by the window and they're now in several little pieces. Thankfully they're the type that take from cuttings easily though, so it's a lemons-to-lemonaide kind of thing. Laurent also finally figured out how to suck from a sippy-cup! He's quite proud of himself! Huzzah for Bubby La! LOL

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