Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A stinky story

Laurent has recently started to wave hello and goodbye. He's quite keen on it and waves at anyone coming or going or reappearing or himself in the mirror or when I do the hand-signal to tell the dog to wave her paw.

The past few days he's had some nappies that are... uh... well, they aren't exactly "spring fresh".

Actually to be perfectly honest they REEK. Seriously. They could be classified as a high-grade biological weapon.

While I'm holding him, all of the sudden I notice the abominable stench which can only mean one thing: he needs a change. I get up, passing my husband in the kitchen and (attached parent that I am) inform him his son needs a change. Hey, nine months of pregnancy, fourteen hours of labor - I get to pull rank in nappy duty once in awhile! Besides it builds character and such. ;-) Nic eyeballed me, clearly unimpressed but took Laurent and queried why it was that whenever he has a really awful nappy it's HIS son and whenever he's being delightful he's all mine. (Remember that nine months of pregnancy and fourteen hours of labor I mentioned?) As I say this I'm waving my hand back and forth in the "oh GAWDS does it stink" motion when Laurent lets out this little delighted giggle. You can see the thought going through his cute little noggin, "OH! I know that game! This'll make mum smile at me and then I'll smile at her and we'll all laugh!" Thus delighted, he lifts his chubby-bubby hands and waves to me. Uh. Yeah. That's right baby, mummy was waving... not saying you stink like week old roadkill in midsummer. ~_~ I don't know it really was just *that* funny or I'm especially tired or both but I laughed so hard I ended up with a belly ache. LOL

I also got an e-mail from my mother today, sent to my yahoo account, saying she tried to e-mail me at my bigpond account but it bounced back and had I changed my e-mail and not told her. Um. Yeah. Like in FEBRUARY. Heh. Opps? O_O

Not much in the way of training. Laurent was playing with my clicker and broke it. I had that clicker 2 years so it lived a good life but still... POOT! Managed to use a tongue click and goof with teaching the dog to put her head through the cinch thingie on a cowboy hat so it stays on her head. Stupid trick but eh... can't be creative all the time.

Think that's about it. Laurent is sick with... well, something. Not sure what. He's got a cough that we can't seem to ditch and is teething to boot but is otherwise smiles and sunshine. The one doctor we went to on the weekend flipped when she heard some congestion in his chest and wanted him on Pred. :-/ Took him to his regular GP who was a bit more conservative with giving us some homeopathic Ipecac drops and some cell salts which seem to be helping. *yawns* I'm outta here... my pillow is waiting.


loz said...
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loz said...

last deleted because I can't spell;)

Hahahaha I am ROFL, we do that here too pity Rog doesn't get the whole 9months of pregnancy x2 thing I may just have to punch it out a few more times when pulling rank on nappy duties;)