Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hell has frozen over...

Yep. Despite the 40 degree temperatures on Saturday, hell has INDEED frozen over. How can I tell?

Nic had his first driving lesson. And survived. And went on to tell me it was fun and his instructor was very pleased and he's looking forward to more lessons and practicing.

I'm not sure if I should be insanely pleased, go pound my head on the desk (I *told* him once he tried it he'd wonder why he was making such a big deal out of it...) or both!

New pics of Miss Hopie (or in La, "HopieAWOOOOpantpantpant!!!") Miss Veri Ari Christmas Fairy (aka "Itty! Pretty itty!" in La-ese as V's and R's don't exist)

First two pictures of the side...

And then... *drumrolls*.... Miss Verity

Pretty little girlie... now just so you know, these are handstacked with 'stays'. I still have to stay close to her after stacking her but she IS staying and giving eye contact. :-) She's such a silly fluffet, after you click her she jumps up and wants to wrestle aroudn and have fun! LOL

I ran out of memory card room but will get more photos after I taken them to the printers and burn everything to the disk. I get all stroppy and sentimental about deleteing photos from my SD cards... LOL

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