Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Bunny Lala post

As part of our holiday time, we went to Myer in the city to get our special Christmas ornament. (We get one for displaying on the mantle every year.) La was VERY excited to get to ride in on the trains!

He had a good time looking at some of the displays but avoided Santa - whom he likes well enough in pictures but isn't regarded with a hairy eyeball from a distance in person. We tried to show him the story windows and those were likewise dismissed as unimpressive. (Now the pigeon population otoh...) We also stopped at Pepperoni's (yes, I'm trying to behave myself but seriously, it's been like 10 months since I went there!) and one of the little Asian bakeries for some red bean buns... nummy!

By the time we had to return, he was pretty tired and not at all keen on leaving. We went from this slightly pensive shot (watching the horse and carriage go by) to THIS upon being told we had to go...

Ah, the joys of a over-stimulated, over-tired 2 year old!

Solstice Pics

Now these are from the Solstice, I just really, really, reeeaaallllyyy wanted some pictures of him where he WASN'T a blur.

Sir Wiggly Biggly The Tornado Toddler is seriously darn near IMPOSSIBLE to capture a good photo of. I haven't been able to get decent pictures of him in MONTHS. (Note, that's plural!) My only comfort is I'm not alone - the professional we used for his b-day even whinged about how he doesn't stop moving for a nano-second! ;-p

So what is my solution? How did I get these you ask???

I chucked him on top of my car roof and let him tapdance.
Yes. REALLY. Hey, it worked didn't it!

Last but not least is a shot of my backyard. Or what you can see of it underneath the fog anyhow!

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