Sunday, December 09, 2007

I promised the other day to get some pics of Veri's tricks she learned this past week so here they are along with pics of a sit, down since she was posing so nicely and the camera was out anyway and a zen "you must look away from the food to be given the food" self control exercise.

Basic sit

A "sit pretty"

A sit pretty with a dramatic flair when she's clapped for.... show off! LOL

A basic down with eye contact

"Mum is SO mean." She has to ignore the food and not look at it to earn it. ;-) A big ask as this is a cup full of her fav treats aside from hotdogs which would have been just a little too tempting at this point.

And a few pics of her doing "stick 'em up". Although sometimes it's more of "I'm a ham... hi ho Silver!" pose as she looks too pleased with herself to be pretending to be held up in an old Western film. LOL

Better one... paws up nice and straight!

And not so much a trick but a favorite treat - Air Veri catches her beloved tenny-ball as a reward. (Hope is locked up and can't snurch it! PMSL)

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