Friday, December 07, 2007

Well THAT lasted long...

We got news this morning the Ford job fell through after telling him he had it. Before an hour was out he had a new one with Optus though. Honestly this industry is insane! X-)

Other random bits... Sif will be amused to know that La has twice today nabbed the margarine and was fingerpainting on the floor. They must be reading our blogs! ;-)

I was discussing how the dogs all have different learning styles and commented that Sierra is slow in picking up new concepts - you had to go over and over something before it sank in but once it did it stuck. DH pipes up, "Oh, a bit like me?" I said, "Nah. I've yet to see anything stick for you!"

La figured out how to scroll through photos on the computer and was flipping through identifying whomever was in the pictures or asking me for those he didn't know. "Dat's Hope and Si and Vee and da puppy. Dats mum and Si and Vee. Dats Koo-wahnee. Dats Kateskelpie. (All one word!) Dats puppies." Then he gets to a picture with himself in it. "Dats puppy and Hope's Kid." Should I be worried he only knows himself as "Hope's Kid"??? O_O

I managed to nab some pictures of the yellow-tailed black cockatoos that have been hanging around our property while running the dogs this afternoon. We've got Gang-Gang that come through occasionally too but no pics yet.

Managed to snap a few Kings as well a few days back...

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