Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chrissy Pics

Wow... anyone else tuckered out from the Christmas experience? Me too! LOL

I also had too many foods with salt in them and spent the following two days feeling it. Blech! Stupid salty stuff has to taste so delicious! ;-p

Anyways, we had a pretty quiet Christmas all up. A few visits with our friends but a lot of people away on holidays this year so hopefully we'll catch up with the rest in the next little while. Despite it being quiet, it was a nice one... 'twas a beautiful sunny day for one which everyone enjoyed after being flooded the previous days! I even stayed more or less offline. *shock* La enjoyed all his prezzies, though we're planning to get the swing later because the fence needs to be installed first and the silly fencer was off for 5 weeks with a broken leg and then took holidays, so that'll start being put in Jan 8th.

At first we were a *bit* confused and completely ignored the prezzies in favor of the much more interesting ornaments. "Mum WOW, a TRAIN!!!"

Despite attempts to interest him in the presents it took a good 40 minutes to convince him to quit playing with the ornaments and balloons and see what those wrapped things were! LOL

The Christmas crackers were also quite popular... lol He popped I don't know how many of them!

Among the gifts were the ever popular playdough, note that we cleverly put the green one at the BOTTOM instead of the top or he'd have just halted all prezzie opening in favor of the green playdough. We're still praising ourselves on that one... ;-)

"Da geen!"

Once we managed to pry that out of his hands, other winners included this Charlie and Lola DVD. (Gee... you don't think he likes the series or anything do you?)

And by the end we'd really gotten the hang of this whole gift unwrapping business...

And were promptly finished for another half hour playing with the new wooden train. (So cute, it's got his name painted on each of the carriages!)

This is a bit later on playing with one of the features of the new DVD - a game of "snap". He smacks the screen whenever it's a snap match and Nic presses the button for him! Aw. Cute!

HAPPY HOWLIDAYS... the girls also enjoyed Chrissy and got some new balls (gods know how many tennis balls we go through) and heaps of treats and goodies to stock them through to next Christmas I think. So of course after getting them all clean, we took them out to the fields where they promptly rolled in sheep dookie. *sigh* Well, at least they were mostly clean for pictures!

I may try again later for better pics of them as they were a bit bothered by our new neighbors running their 4 wheelers all over the fields.

I did manage to snap this one which cracks me up! The girls look like they've had a little TOO much holiday cheer if you know what I mean! LOLOL Veri decided to go chase the ducks around the dam, so I got Hope and Si to pose for these below...

You can see Hope's fur is mostly grown back on her leg from where she snagged herself on the barbed wire, just a little pink spot of scarring.

And Sierra always manages to look rather doofy, even when she's trying to be serious. She's just a big pup at heart really and I think she always will be!

So those are our Chrissy photos... now that you've seen them, all you non-updatey people need to go update YOUR blogs! You know who you are... seeing as how some of you are a good 3-4 weeks out of date and I
know you've got pictures to share! ;-p

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