Saturday, December 01, 2007

First, while I've got internet but not e-mail till Monday! (BB package arrived, fault in line, weekend, DOH!) In the meantime anyone needing to get ahold of me drop a message here or ring me.

We had a lovely day today and finally caught up with Justin, whom we've not seen in ages as he's always busy with work or studying for a big test! Went to Yum-Cha at a place we'd not been yet... which was very nice until the overtired toddler protested mightily over not being allowed to run riot throughout the restraunt. After getting back we watched this series he picked up from his latest trip to Japan called "Down Town" which is a variety show (read: cross between challenge/reality/gameshow) which was funny but sooooo wrong! Meantime La fell in LOVE with the cuckoo clock and got Justin and Nic to set it off a billion times! X_x'

Totally aside and completely narcissistic but I can NOT wait to get my hair cut! I *hate* this length and lack of shape but I keep telling myself I *have* to grow it out at some point and go through this stage so might as well get it over with! ;-p

Laurent also lucked out as Justin gave him his Chrissy gift way early and so Sir has a very ace new Little People helicopter set which he's been doing "rescues" with all evening!

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