Friday, November 30, 2007

Okay, so ignore the seriously grotty shirt... it'd seen a raspberry jam toast for breakfast along with a romp through the garden helping me weed so really it's a miracle it's not completely black. And ignore the wild-child hair... the attempt at using a brush to style it himself.

Do check out the green playdough creation though... it's a green crayon stuck into a sphere of green playdough whereupon he giggled hysterically and proclaimed, "Mum! I maked a GWEEN LOLLY!!!" This was followed by more hysterical giggling and a number of rather enthusiastic mimed "licks", slurping, lip smacking and pretending to wipe his chin from pretend lolly-goo amid giggle-fits and chants of, "Oh yummy! Green lollies are yummy! It's green! Nice green! So greeeeennnnnn, so yuuuuummmy! Doggies want green lollies, cheepies (chooks) want green lollies, no, no, nooo!!! *emphatic head shaking* Green! Is! MINE!"

And here's a sight we never thought we'd see... he's 1.) playing on his own for a good 15 minutes and 2.) doing that with toys he's actually supposed to play with! He pulled down his tray with Schleich animal figures (cows, horses, sheep, ducks, chooks, alpaca etc) and was making them run around, eat grass, moo, whinny, bleat, cluck, crow etc. The border collie herds the sheep also with a lot of panting! LOL So very-utterly-completely cute watching this pretend and make-believe play! Considering not-so-long ago he had the attention span of a distracted gnat when it came to amusing himself for 2 seconds this is a moment that fully warranted photographic proof to look back at and prove it really DID happen! Those of you who don't have kids or who have kids that play politely with their own toys instead of dashing off the second you blink to go dismantle the remotes down to their chips and wires before tossing half of them in the fridge and half of them in the dryer just trust me... this is a lot more impressive than you think! ;-p

Doggie folks, if you look very, very carefully you'll be able to spot the well camoflaged Italian Greyhound and black-tri Aussie Shepherd curled on the tan dog bed in the corner behind the wood basket.

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Leah said...

I'm impressed! Love watching kids play imaginatively by themselves, and glad for you that your remotes are in one piece :) Tho his dismantling abilities sound pretty impressive also LOL