Sunday, November 25, 2007

This has been a week of things happening that rather suck - the worst being loosing all my little chookies. It's further included:
  • our tv is giving up the ghost
  • our dvd player DID give up the ghost
  • Laurent has a flu with a nasty habit of spiking high fevers and is screaming unconsolably much of the day and most of the night too
  • our computer is snafu'ed - It ocassionally lets me online but randomly freezes, the e-mail is not working, addressbook likewise, MSN not working and omg how many people do I know that I have no phone numbers for!
  • Nic's new job is closing down, can't compete with the outsourcing to China
  • the barn door blew off AGAIN. This is a 3 m wide x tractor high solid steel frame colourbond door that is freaking heavy and yet the wind manages to blow it off!
  • I put my back out trying to fix the door with Nic. D'oh!
And despite all this I've been remarkably pretty calm and upbeat. However yesterday morning was the kicker. The guy who is agisting sheep here showed up and tells me he's sold them. All of them. "We weren't sure you wanted any." What the heck?!?!? Weren't SURE??? We'd talked since the first lamb was born! We talked about it every time they've been out since, at least twice a month including the last time he was here a week ago! Heck THEY were the ones who suggested I could take a few lambs in lieu of agistment fees! "Oh well, too late now - they're sold. He bought a bunch from us last year and wanted the lot this year. We'll have more next year if you want."

Yeah. Right. If he didn't want to sell me any fine but why offer it in the first place, let alone for months and it's not like be getting any less for it as we'd agreed the equivalent of market price. So sad and angry too that he couldn't be straight up. Too much Midwesterner in me I guess, I expect that because I deal in handshakes, others put the same importance in it and try to do right by their word.

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