Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Since we're having the nice long weekend I got more time than usual to muck around with the hooligans and of course that means one thing - PICTURES! ;-p

Verity and Sheep
Verity hasn't really been on the sheep here because my ewes are liable to charge, headbutt, strike and stomp the dogs which is lousy for confidence building. (Good for avoiding foxes eatting lambs though!) The lambs are light and easy though. Verity is actually pretty interested in the sheep. She's not entirely sure what she's to do with them but she's sure she's supposed to do something and even shows a bit of Aussie eye.

Round about we go to get them together.

Then up the fence line after them...

...and toward the gate...

...waiting for them to go through instead of balking and scattering...

...and all the way through! Now mind you she looks like she knows what she's doing but this was luck more than skill! I was just standing back to see what she'd be inclined to do and it's too brief to say how she'll end up longterm. She moved at a slow pace and gave them enough room that they didn't feel the need to turn and challenge her (which is where Hope runs into problems with these buggers - she gets closer, they stop and come at her) but still kept moving and sat when she got near the gate which meant they went through the gate instead of hooking a right up the other fence.

Of course if they bolt, giving chase is always fun! ~_~ Ah well, early days yet!

Misc. Pics

A few cute pics of the girls having a romp in the fields...

Verity, stalking a butterfly

Hope, in a halo of sunshine

Sierra in the dam which is currently a bit too high!

And another of Verity checking to see if I'm where she left me.

Now I know this is a crappy shot but it was too funny not to include! Hope is going submarine, head down in the water snuffling for...

... yup, you guessed it! Her beloved tennis ball! The rest of the day was along the same lines: run, chase, slobber, cool off in the dam, run, chase, slobber, back to the dam! LOL Someone asked me the other day how come there are so many pics of the girls adventures but so few of Cade. What is he off doing while they are running amok?

Well, not much really! LOL

Last two... more iris! This is another Tempo Two one.

And this gorgeous one is Owyhee Desert

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