Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Okay, I already posted today. I know. I'm back. It's my blog and my prerogative to post every little inane detail about my life here if I want! ;-p

More to the point, because it's 1am and I SHOULD be in bed I am logically Not-In-Bed but lolly gagging around and reading Leah's brilliant blog instead. Now half of you already know this perfectly well but for those who don't know - Leah is brilliant and ought to have a badge that says so too, so it's really perfectly understandable that I got caught up reading her post and didn't notice the little pitter-patter of feet down the hallway when those little feet and the attached toddler ought to have been asleep in bed.

Either way though, I didn't hear those little feet pitter-pattering.

I did however notice Hope disappear from where she was laying at my feet, which was a bit odd. Further investigations revealed my helpful toddler armed with a water bowl, "cleaning it" before proffering it to Hope in newly scrubbed and fully pristine condition. "Here Hopie, have a waddah!" Heavens forbid the dog who thinks sheep turds are a delicacy drinks water that's less than fresh! So what's the punchline?

Well, the scrub brush he was using was my toothbrush.


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