Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our porch was ripped up completely yesterday, the floor and cross-beams or whatever they're called and all.

(Old boards ripped up, exposing support boards about to be ripped up.)
The roof was propped up by several large boards wedged into the ground in a manner that looks like it wouldn't hold but is shockingly sturdy. The new deck is in place and it's all purdy just waiting for me to oil it! The skirting around the house is mostly done, three and a half sides so far.

(New boards in place, waiting for deck to be put in.)

(And TA DA!!! New shiney pretty porch!)
The Terrible Trio are very pleased with themselves. All three are loving the fact that tradies move between their worksite and truck so very often because every time one of them does,kibble rains from heaven upon them. This is to continue Verity's "strangers are treat dispensers in disguise" work and nip Hope's barking her silly head off at people on our property thing in the bud. (Okay, so it's probably just because of her heat but no harm in being extra bulletproof!) Both are stomachs on legs so I had one little half-woof today and that was it!

Hope, after being restricted from running in the paddocks and especially running in the paddocks with Veri and Si, had her first good romp in weeks and was so elated to be let out with the others instead of being banished to the Mudroom of Perpetual Boredom while they romped and having to wait for her seperate, quieter turn.

Miss Verity decided to join us in a clicker session and instead of just focusing on relaxation stuff, I decided to actually see if we could get a 'sit' since that's what I was playing with Hope and Si with. (Well, tbh I was mucking about seeing who could sit faster but close enough...)

Anyhow, we not only got a sit but she had this lightbulb moment. Now Verity under fairly normal circumstances here is Steve Irwin-like in her enthusiasm so Verity when elated is a sight to behold - she dorked out, tore off in a mad dash in a circle as fast as she could, ricocheted off the watertank like a manic flyball dog, came straight back around still going full tilt, skidded the last few feet and SLAMMED into a sit leaving her bum-fluff green with grass stains! LOL

She bounced up, completely unaware she'd almost taken my kneecaps out, slammed into a sit again, jumped up in glee, *WHOMP* back into a sit. "Didjya see that mum??? Didjya??? Didjya huh? I *sat*! I sit and you click and
that means TREATS and look at this - *WHOMP* Ha! I did it again! HA! I knew that'd make you click! Whooooooooooooooooooo hooo!!!!"

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