Saturday, October 27, 2007

Today we went to visit a Montessori playgroup open day. I'd been wanting to get Laurent into something as MAP is the only activity we do really but he's not ready for preschool, I'd never be comfortable with creche care until he was fully able to verbalize what happens there and while I'd considered kindermusic, kindergym and such but it didn't seem a good fit.

At any rate, we found this place which is for kids at 2.5 years, sessions 2 hrs each, 2 days a week, maximum of 10 kids, parents welcome to stay or leave. It's about a 30 min drive, actually we'd looked into MPG's in Hawthorn East but it was too far then. The directress and assistants seemed very lovely, very easy to talk with, their thoughts on education and learning very in line to my own.

Laurent LOVED the set-up and went around from one thing to the next going, "Wow! Oh WOW! Wow!!! Mum wow! YAY!" He didn't want to leave and our exit ended with, "Bye bye" in a teary voice any soap opera starlet would envy. The program they have looks nice, diverse, flexable and a lot of stuff right up his alley.

So long story short, we liked what we saw. Hopefully this is a good step for Laurent as well as for getting me a few extra hours every week to dedicate to the dogs and eventually time alone with bubba #2 when it comes.

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