Friday, October 26, 2007

It's been so busy lately I'm not sure where to start...

I guess the best start is with the photographs. On La's birthday we were at the mall and there was a booth there doing childrens photography so I opted to get some as this place looked like they did more natural poses as well as standard portraits.

At any rate, here's the shots:

After I picked them up, I noticed a sketch we have of Nic's mum at the same age, so I scanned it to show. I've always thought he looks a lot like Nic's mum and uncle when they were little despite everyone claiming I was nuts! What do y'all think?

And the more traditional "posed" shot.

Cute La Moments
* Yesterday while we were at the mall, I went into a lingere store. (NO, that's not the funny part, smart alecs!) Laurent gazed around, grabbed my pants to tug and pointing in awe, "Mum...
wotsa bibi!" After I picked out what I wanted, he nabbed it off the top of his pram and examined it carefully, peering into the cups, flipping it around and looking perplexed. "Mum, where'd da bibi GO?!?" I think all the store attendants about choked laughing!

* Today while I was at the breakfast table, all of the sudden I look over and La is out of his highchair, on the floor, cheerfully scarfing a bowl of leftover spagetti noodles. He looks up at me and in the most innocent of voices says, "Mum, it just fell!" complete with a 'would-ya-believe' shrug! (Yeah, I just
bet it did, all by itself even...)

* One of the few DVD's he has is Charlie and Lola.
After requesting it and being declined due to my being in the other room, La came trotting up with the dvd,playstation, gamecube (which plays dvds since we don't have a regular dvd player), remote control and the video control in his arms in a giant tangled mess. (These were locked in the tv cabinet prior... childproofing devices aren't La-proof devices!) "Mum, I sees Char-wee now?"

And Not So Cute Ones
"OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!" is the new word at our house. I decided, after he's been a bit rough with me, to say "ow" when he bumped into me or such. He's now taken to yelling, "OWWW!!!" in the most tortured voice whenever he's annoyed, frusterated, not getting his own way or upset. The door won't magically open? "OW!" I refuse to hand him a second apple after he's spit the first out? "Owww...." I won't give him a lolly at the shop? "Owww!!! Owww, ow, owwww!!!" while I get glares from all the little old grandmas secretly sure I'm abusing him. I won't set him down to dash off? "Owww!!!!! Mum, owww!!!!!!" Joyyyyy...

Well after FOUR YEARS of bugging him to get his drivers liscence he FINALLY went and booked and took the test for his learners! Yee haw!!! Finnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaalllyyy!!! And yes, he passed! ;-p

Comings and Goings...
My little lambs are not so little any more. They will wean around Christmas but they will be sold before then. Their owners are keeping a few but the land at the place they're buying won't support the whole flock. I'm buying the big boy and his mum and possibly a few others. I'm not as thrilled about taking the ewes with the lambs because they're the ones constantly challenging the dogs but thems the breaks.

The Faverolle chicks are growing like weeds, Nic is still tickled pink with Milly, his Rhode Island Red chick. My beautiful little partridge Wyandotte chicks are absolutely darling.

The guy I bought my silkies from and whom I'd asked to buy a pair of goslings from told me that instead of just selling me the average stock he's got a clutch of his exhibition geese and will be picking mine for me from them so they'll be extra pretty.

The Hope's Ouchy Leg Saga
Hope's leg is coming along slowly but surely. It looks like we're finally out of the woods!!! *WHEW* I was so terrified she'd end up needing more surgery and something would go wrong that'd cripple her for life! Okay so it wasn't horribly likely and my vet is good so if we did have to do more surgery I'm sure it'd be fine but it's my worst nightmare to have something go dreadfully wrong like that! In the end, the best guess is something was up there we missed. Swelling went down on the water pills but then as soon as she came off the clavamox swelled back up. I tried comfry compresses and pressure bandages to get the lymph back up to the body and massaging the lymph upward to help and it seemed to settle it. Throughout all this Hope has been a total trooper - she never took her paw from my lap while I was working on her or protested even though it must have been ouchy.

It's almost 1am so I'll have to save the "Me Stuff" till the next time La goes to sleep early!

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Leah said...

I can definitely see the resemblance from the sketch :) And thanks for reminding me of toddler Audrey's delight in the bra section at that age as well LOL Love how he wanted to know where they'd gone!!!!