Friday, October 19, 2007

Well... gee. Ain't that spe-chil!

So Hope's leg isn't going terrific at the moment. It's healing but slowly and no where near as nicely as we'd like. The lick spot on her toes are better, helped by antibiotic/anti-inflamatory/painkiller cream. She is a lot more perky and gaining back the weight. So I was understandably upset when today I noticed a bit of fresh blood on her bedding. Not much mind you but my first thought was, "Oh crap, her leg is bleeding, it must be bad if it's made it through the bandages - pleeeease don't let it be bad!"

Nope. Twasn't her leg. Her leg has had it's own problems and all the stitches split but that's another story and another vet bill. So I look her all over, expecting somehow she's cut herself elsewhere. The last place I thought to look was her bum of course - thus proving I come by my blond honestly. At 13 months and 1 week old she's not injured - she's in heat!

I've gotta give it to her - the girl has timing! I'd been expecting it and thinking I'd seen signs a few times before today but it never eventuated and given she's not at her mature weight I figured she'd be a really late bloomer. At least it explains the weird behaviour I've seen the past week or so!


aussienut said...

haha - my deepest sympathies with keeping her quiet for 3 weeks! Kinta went for her first walk again last night.... lets just say she was hell on 4 legs!!!!!

Amanda O. said...

You mean *another* three weeks! We've already done that much keeping her quiet so she doesn't tear the stitches and make the wound worse than it is! X_X