Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The rotten little black monster puppy has pulled off her elizabethan collar about a jillion times. The last time she chewed it so I'll have to pay Jayne to replace it after she loaned it to me no charge.

Worse than that though, while she was pulling off the e-collar, she pulled off and CHEWED UP her other (regular) collar into five pieces!!! Her nice, new, fancy-schmancy green collar that was part of a collar-leash I'd splashed out on even though it was far more exxy than I'd normally spend because I thought it would look so nice on her! Now it's trash.

Murphy, take a piss... this is just plain mean!


aussienut said...

oh No! It isn't the Aussie one is it?!?!?!

Hopie you naughty little girlie!!!

HipbubbyMama said...

shit I thought you meant *I* had loaned you an elizabethan collar, whatever that is. LOL! Oh dear, hope Hope recovers soon and stops chewing stuff..

loz said...

Yikes Hope you little monkey!! Hope it all clears up quickly!!

Amanda O. said...

Amanda, yep - that'd be the one. She's a termite with collars, both her own and others, which is why I was reluctant to get a fancy one for her instead of the less dear to replace every other week sort! We'd kept it this long by only wearing it for going out and replacing with a plain green one for general wear. Vet tech used this one to secure the e-collar and I forgot to change it. Bad me!

Jayne LOL!!! Nope, my vets name is Jayne, same spelling and all! ;-) An e-collar is a plastic lampshade looking thing you put over their heads to prevent them from ripping up bandages and stitches.

Loz, ta for that, she's a bit better but still more swollen/weepy than I'd like to see.