Saturday, October 13, 2007

Almost TWO!

Yep - sir Bubby Lala is almost two. He'll be two Monday!

We'd planned a nice party for Sunday - a day trip out to Puffing Billy, a rest and picnic at Emerald Lake Park before returning and coming to our house for cake and food. We got the coolest "big wheel" - a tractor with a trailer he can haul stuff around in outside and yes... it's green. Plus a soccer ball and a set of animal figures he's got a growing collection of. I've got together my pretty paper, ribbons, bows. For Emerald Lake break we planned something light, crisp and sweet - a smoked chicken, watercress and sugar snap pea salad with garlic herb and feta pull apart with herb infused butters; flavored waters, mineral waters and muscato and then for the proper lunch teas and hot brandy creams, birthday cake (a bunny shaped one), cupcakes, pear gallettes and platters nibblies with home-made chocolates. Painted "pin the tail on the Aussie" on a piece of fabric! ;-) Since we're playing financial catch up after Hope'$ repeated trip$ to the vet (running total - just under $700 now... eep!) just after Nic had been between campaigns for 2 weeks and the weather supposed to be suspect I figured we'd move it back. Unfortunately everyone who was going to come has had various things come up and not only couldn't make it this week but cannot make it next week either. Which is fair enough, it's short notice but I'm still rather down he's not having a party. I know Laurent won't really be aware at his age, so that's a small blessing. We'll still do a party for him here, I'm still doing the cake and stuff for him and we'll open prezzies, have balloons etc. and I'm planning to get some goslings and ducklings to handraise so they're tame for him. (Vs mine who like me and only if I have the food bucket!) I know he'll adore them because he loves the current ones even though they aren't fond of humans. And on the more spiritual side if we get a bit of sun I'll plant his tree in the ground from the pot and his paeony rose and write him a letter about himself on his birthday. I still can't quite believe he's two... TWO! Gawds I'm still trying to wrap my mind around him being one!

It's looking like a pretty good age though. We're over the 18 month old terror stage (oh thank GODS!) and into the sweet, cute, helpful, cheeky, chatterbox, clever little monkey stage. He's fallen asleep in my arms - just climbed up next to me on the couch, curled in close, grabbed my right hand and pulled it over him and flopped over. (Tizzie Hall eat your non-existant heart out...) He had a little dream and mumbled something. I said, "Oh? Really?" Still sound asleep he sighed happily and said, "Yeah mum" in the most contented little voice. Mind you this is after he spent most of the night going absolutely bonkers trying to climb *everything* from the curtains to us to the television cables turned "vines" judging by the chest beating, attempts to swing and knuckle-style monkey scuttling after having seen part of Disney's Tarzan - the part where he's learning to run and swing through the trees. :rolls eyes: Oh boy... was that ever a BAD choice of tv to watch! Still, two years old is seeming rather okay after all. ;-)

As for Hopie, she is doing much better thank goodness! She is still mighty peeved I won't let her chase sheep, swim in the dam or romp madly with Si and Verity though! Meanwhile we've all got bruised calf muscles from her whacking into them constantly with her e-collar! Ow!

As far as the eggs go... having looked at the 13 non-cracked eggs last night, it looks like a few of them are clear, a few of them died from the cold/being kicked around and a few of them are doing okay so far. If all goes well (and if I'm intrepreting what I'm seeing through the egg right) we might get maybe 5-6 chicks, barring anything else going wrong.

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