Thursday, October 18, 2007

Can your brain explode from learning too much?

My personal suspicion is that it can.

I think I'm in the middle of information overload and my brain has melted. To start with there is all the practical stuff I'm thinking about - you know, like I've got to pay the bills, when the paycheck is coming in, what needs cleaning, how much mulching can I get in. Practical stuff.

Then there is the thinking about all the stuff I should be doing if I were a person who was organized, prompt, timely and capable of balancing a thousand things at once without it crashing down like some circus side-show act with the performer missing a step while precariously balancing a delicate spun glasses. Quite frankly this stuff is stuff I really don't particularly want to do it, so I'm seeing how long I can procrastinate without the world imploding. This stuff would include planning renos, classes, meetings, internal politics within certain groups etc.

And then there is my current obsession with understanding dog standards, movement etc. Moreover in reconciling "what wins" with "what is historically proper for the BREED" which can be two different beasts. I'm really obsessed with correlating the "old fashioned" style of movement that I remember seeing as a kid (when of course I wasn't thinking to take notes adn being filtered through twenty-odd years of memories when I can't remember where I put my keys most days) with "hm, what caused that?" and how it fits into the standard (ie is it correct or deviant and if yes or no why) But it was so unique and it's stuck in my mind and won't quit bugging me. ~_~'

And the chooks... I'm doing all this "elementary" colour genetics reading with them at the moment attempting to figure out both different breeds. Although both partridge, the genetics behind the colouring is totally different. And of course looking at one thing like colour just sends me trawling as I follow links from colour to pattern to leg feathering to iris pigmentation to the inheritance of ear lobe colouring and if certain traits are dominant or recessive or incompletely dominant and one trait is incompatible with another.

My eyes are swimming with multi-trait punnet squares but it's just so darn interesting I can't stop reading even though I'm driving myself nuts because I'm too tired to really be reading at 11pm! And of course there is all this lovely stuff about line-breeding and inbreeding and braiding lines without loss of vigor or genetic decline... methods that have the same flock not having an outside infusion in almost a hundred years with no incidence of trouble - 1909! Man, think of the applications for dog breeding that might bring up and a way to maintain a line of consistent type without the troubles of breeding yourself into the proverbial corner! I think my brain likes thinking about stuff like the movement and the genetics because it's "simpler" in a way. It's got concrete laws and rules and it's really just a matter of understanding them and then following them to their logical conclusions whereas the other stuff is just sort of vague and nebulous and every option has it's benefits and downsides! Simple is far more solvable. ;-p

*Ka-PLOW* (<--- my brain exploding from learning to much at once!)

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