Friday, November 16, 2007

Fox... all my little chookies gone

I'll keep it brief as if anyone wants the full story, it's in Fowl Play but a fox broke into my pens the other night and took all of my chooks except 2 that were in a seperate shed and the chicks in the house. These were ones that were fox proofed - two layers of wire, a mesh top, bricks around the sides, wire dug under, tension wire at ground level. But one got in anyway and killed five. They were very tame and as affectionate as puppies. They came to their names, followed me around the garden and would hop into your lap for attention. Even attempt to preen my hair and eyelashes very gently. I'm gutted - it's really the only word for it. I was planning to go to a big sale to buy more stock this weekend and Nic is pushing for me to still do so as he reckons it'll be good for me and I'll regret if I don't but I tend to think I'd not be able to handle it but we'll see.


Zoe said...

Oh Amanda- how awful. I get how you must feel. I cried when a feral cat killed our remaining hen and her babies a couple of years ago. It is just horrible to think that your tame and gentle animals can be taken like this.
Go gently.

Juniper said...

So sorry Amanda, how sad for you. Huge hugs!

aussienut said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your chooks Amanda! That's just horrible! Especially after all the time you spent with them and trying to make the place as safe as possible :-(