Monday, November 05, 2007

I've got heaps of pics for this post so grab yourself a cuppa and settle in! ;-)

First up, I've got a few more of La's pictures from his b-day prezzies. The first is Sir I-Can-Do-It-Myself attempting to put together his ride on tractor, starting with the steering wheel. I thought that was rather clever!

Next - Sir now has a cricket bat and ball. He is steadfast it's used as a golf club and won't have a bar of using it as a cricket bat.

Okay, this one is a bit of an announcment more than just a pic... I've decided to do a seperate blog for the chook stuff as this one was intended originally to be about the dogs.So if you want to see the chooks from here on out, go to "Fowl Play". There will be a link on the sidebar.

It will be updated more sporadically than this one but contain pics of the chicks as they mature etc.

Here are two pics of the iris currently blooming, so pretty! These are Tempo Two bred ones.

And now for the bulk of the photos, from Saturday's ASCV show! I didn't take show photos of every dog this time, just a few. I wanted to focus more on taking snapshots to sketch so they're more casual/interesting poses than nice, well composed pics! ;-) Here's a few of the ones I snapped for reasons other than sketching.

First (because I always find seeing my dogs relatives nice!) is Tilley, Hope and Verity's mum. (Pics taken by Nic.) I'm sure you would never be able to guess where my girls gets their sooky lapdog qualitites from would you!!!

It was a nice surprise as I'd not thought they were coming but after we got there Nic looked around and said, "Hey, isn't that Amanda?" Well it was and she had Tilley and Rush so I got to see them again.

I had a good cuddle with Tilley who was quite pleased with three extra sets of hands to pet and feed her. It was so cute when La requested cookies to feed her and got a piece of chicken. Tilley went straight for it, obviously where Veri and Hope got their chowhound nature from too! La gently told her, "No... no..." every time she nudged his hand closed around a bit of the chicken, waiting till she backed up a bit to click (he does a terrific tongue-click) and open his fist, chirping "Ah! Good girl! Here! Good girl!!!" He did it several times till he ran out of bikkies. Aw, just made me melt, how cuuuuuttteeee!!! He just turned two and he's already a clicker trainer!!!

A few more nicely posed shots to show the serious side! ;-)

And Rush, Veri's brother and Hope's half brother.

I'd brought Hope and Verity with me as well, though they weren't entered of course. Miss Hope's leg is finally looking nice, so she enjoyed the outting thoroughly. Verity is my real brag though... she did
sooooooooo well the whole day I was almost set to burst! Both girls got to go see their breeder again. No doubts at all about if Veri remembers her "first mum and dad" or not! After they left we did a bit of a tour and she was chilled out... several points she just laid down ringside, playing with Hope, rolling in my lap for plays and cuddles, mooching treats, went for a romp with Ashley (blue merle dog five pics down), got pats from several people and wasn't even phased when a certain someone did his booga-booga razz'em thing. LOL I couldn't have been more chuffed if she'd won BIS, that's great progress!

Now these are a few dogs who caught my interest
, so in no particular order...

Blog readers who've heard me refer to Amanda and Kinta, here's a face and fuzzball to go with the names. ;-)

Recently this young fellow got his new juniors dog and the initial photos on the list were so lovely but it was a treat to see them in person. IMO for a child to have that bond and partnership with a dog is something priceless. It's that kind of bond I want La to have with our dogs. I also felt a bit like if I'd been out there we could have had the dog show version of "Are you smarter than a 5th grader"... "Can you handle as well as a junior"! (Hn, maybe better I wasn't entered! LOL)

I didn't get any pics of the 2nd show or sweepstakes or anything because my memory card was full of sketch snaps! ACK!!!

All in all it was a beautiful day. Started out a bit damp but turned into a nice day, full of nice chats and seeing people I've not seen in ages since I'm not showing atm. I missed being out there and the whole atmosphere of the shows! Even if I'm not showing it's still the best way to spend a weekend! Ah well, that's it for now.

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aussienut said...

Love the shot of Kinta and her mum Tiana - great that you have them one abover the other - like mother like daughter :p