Monday, December 03, 2007

Sunday was the ASCV's Christmas breakup which was just a gorgeous day out! It is always lovely to just see dozens of Australian Shepherds running about. I love the idea of a big pack of dogs swirling joyously around me! It also always strikes me that we have all these dogs at these gatherings and yet they all get along - playing, resting or mixing with the crowd while everyone is chatting and enjoying the day. I wonder how many breeds could you say that about?

I also got my Christmas gift a bit early! I was SO tickled with Verity!

She was fabulous all day long and that was from 11:30ish-7:30, so a long, busy day! Getting pats from a number of people, lounging around and generally not giving away that even 2-3 months ago she'd have been uncomfortable with all the going's on. The noise and ruckus of the water relays and games even was fine! I think it also helped that the atmosphere was pretty relaxed and the dogs were all happy and enjoying themselves, as well as being with Si and Hope and not the sole object of focus. Oh, almost forgot to add to give her some focus-points, I did a few bits of clicking during quieter moments and she's picked up a "sit pretty" and "rearing horse" stand. Clever missy! Will get pics tomorrow. Nice to see she used sit as "please" several times too, even though it was a more busy environment than we've practiced that in.

Santa was there to give the littlies prezzies but Laurent who was woke from the nap we *just* put him down for not knowing Santa was about to arrive, wasn't so sure about the whole thing - even handing Santa back the bag of lollies initially!

Instead the highlight of the day for him was the pups! Ohhhhh.... they are just
way too cute! They got lots of kisses and pats from everyone! LOL

We are however feeling rather mindful of the fact La probably would benefit from a human sibling! LOL (Even if remembering his pregnancy makes me wonder if thinking he's a dog is such a bad thing after all...) That said, one thing we found while discussing dogs there was that I am NOT limited to four dogs by the council as we'd thought! So this opens me up to getting another dog on down the road or importing a male in awhile! A few other bits of good news including maybe some sheep hopefully!

Kate's dam was a big attraction for the dogs, though I think mine were wondering where the ducks were? (They always chase ducks on my dam, we can't get rid of the silly things!) Here are a few I clicked of the dogs running around...


I love this cheeky little pup... lol! Obviously quite chuffed with leading the pack in the chase at this point!

A quiet moment resting.

Hmm... looks like Sierra and her chum found something interesting smelling... PMSL!

Note the little black-tri puppy working on getting an element of surprise! ;-)

Of course, every meeting needs it's superiors to supervise and this made a comfy throne! lol

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aussienut said...

Looks like everyone (and the doggies) had a blast! I'm really sorry I missed it - I love the Aussie get-togethers!

Who is the really dark merle *just* standing in the water(and looking rather wet) in the last pic near the dam?

OMG - I love Si's face ;)