Saturday, December 15, 2007

A more appropriate outlet for La's "Pro Hart" tendancies... mostly neckid bubba, paint, papers, grass that washes out in the rain. By the time he was done, he had more green paint on him than the papers I'm sure. Clean-up: an hour of playtime in the kiddie pool followed by air drying while helping mum feed the chooks. ;-)

For anyone wanting to check out my new batch of chicks, pics are on Fowl Play. Four wyandotte littlies arrived Wedneday night. :-)


katef said...

Oh your little one is sooo gorgeous! and you have green grass! I am so jealous!
I am desperate to talk chooks with you but your link to the other blog didn't work for me :(

Amanda O. said...

I think it just had an extra http:// added. Stoopid blogger! ;-p

It *should* be fixed! Otherwise here's the directlink:

OR drop me an e-mail at