Friday, January 04, 2008

The other day we brought Hope along to play with La as the beach allows dogs off leash in the early mornings and on-leash in the late afternoon.

La of course insisted on walking her, "Mine! MY Hopie!" Luckily she's well behaved about not making him splat. ;-) (Argh, I so need a fill flash!)

Of course if she's his dog, he's her bubba... when he tumbled and fell into the water (which he was less than amused by) Miss Hope was close on hand to ensure he was okay.

Bunny sailing the HMS Lala on a ribbon. Aw, postcard moment! *g*

Digging in the sand was a big attraction...

and 'natch he's dressed as a watermelon and has green scoops!

I'm not usually a big fan of pictures of myself (who is) but I really liked this one Nic snapped of Hope running next to me on a sandbar as the tide was coming in.

And of course, what two year old little boys are best at* in the world - glomping mum with a great big hug. (*Besides creating chaos of course.)

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HipbubbyMama said...

What FABULOUS photos!! I love the one of you in the water with Hope and La best ....