Friday, January 11, 2008

La's Identity Crisis

Crisis #1
Being something of a photobug, we have lots of pictures of La. Whenever we flip through them, which he enjoys doing, I'll ask him, "La, do you know who that is? It's you!"

Today he spotted a photograph of himself in the livingroom. He broke into the biggest grin and exclaimed in delight, "Oh mummy, it's bubba Yu!"

Oh dear... apparently instead of understanding I was saying it was him, he figures it's a bubba named Yu! (In La-land, bubba applies to any child from infant to about 10 years old btw, so these photos are recent enough they are recognizably him.) Now that he's figured this out, he's fetching me photos of himself from around the house, pointing at them, even obsessing over the ones on my keychain with "Yu" on it!

Crisis #2
We've known for awhile now that La pretty much considers himself a dog and particularly he figures he's Hope's sibling. He prefers dog biscuits to anzac biscuits. He considers their dry food to be simply delicious and it has to be locked up otherwise he'll get into it. He howls like Hope. He pants like Hope. He has a habit of helping himself to a drink from the dogs bowl if you're not watching him. He fetches tennis balls and sticks alike and not in his hands either. I'm sure you can guess how a game of "tuggy" goes. He prefers to eat his meals from a bowl doggy-style (face first iow).

However today may have just proved it's really going just a wee bit far... when I let Cade out to potty La trotted out right with him, stood next to him, squatted down in an aproximation of Cade's stance (Cade is neutered so instead of lifting his leg he squats), pretended to wee while Cade did. Then, when Cade was done and stood up, La did as well. And while Cade did the hind-leg kicking in the grass, so did La.

That just CAN'T be good... lol

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