Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Well it's official... we're moving! Talked to RE agent yesterday and signed a form and everything. Auction date will be 25 Nov with 120-150 days to close. Where we're moving is still up for debate! But Nic has agreed to at least keep an open mind and visit various areas so we'll see how that goes. We're going to make a day trip to one area Friday, not sure where as I've had a few suggestions but it's tricky to suss out what is a.) nice, b.) I can have a couple acres for sheep, dogs, chooks, garden, agility yard etc. c.) is in a nice area, d.) close to amenities and transport for Nic and e.) has good schools for Laurent. Or we may end up going with the Blackburn and save for a few more years thing. Dunno.

Talked to Nancy, Me-Me's mom on the phone today. It was good to talk to her and I'd promised myself I wouldn't cry but almost lost it when she told me that when she called her Kisses and told her I loved her still, she managed to wag her tail when she hadn't been moving before, and she knew that part of Me-Me remembered that time with me. There's more but I'm really too emotional to write about it at the moment.

Didn't do a huge amount in the way of training today. I puttered around a bit with a few of our dance moves but mostly just read my new Freestyle book to get some good ideas. Really chuffed I got this book, super neat!

Other than that I've just been flat out buggered. Laurent had another sleepless night. Nic finally took him from 1am to 3 am so I could get some sleep but then Laurent woke up at 6:30 for the day and I had to get up. Blerg.

Funny story about how tired I am... the other day I was making breakfast and deciding if I wanted coffee or tea. I wanted tea but as I was so tired I needed coffee. So I made a coffee. And I made a tea. Clever solution right? The problem? I made it in the same cup, at the same time and didn't notice until 10 minutes of wondering why my coffee tasted funny this morning... *sigh*

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