Monday, September 25, 2006

Cuebiyar Cross My Heart - Hope, at 2 weeks

Well, for all of my lovely friends living vicariously through me and wishing they could get a puppy when they can't... and there's a shocking amount of you by the by... the pups breeder was kind enough to update photos again and so I'm sharing to prevent mobbing! :-) She's turning into a lovely little chubby puplet! Only a few more weeks now, so cross your fingers for us! I am seriously ready to cuddle a fuzzy puppy! And yes, you'll all get your turn cuddling her too! ;-p

Called CDOC about their waiting list. Was told sorry, we can't take it over the phone now, you'll have to come in person because we need to make sure people are willing to make the commitment before putting them on the list. *whines* I've been trying since before January's intake, I'm commited! Or maybe just should be! ;-) Plus I did come out a few weeks ago and no one said boo about having to do it in person then, though that's probably my fault for coming out after everything was wrapping up. In my defense I figured that'd be the ideal time since everyone would be done. Ah bugger. Next Sunday for sure!

This makes the rest of my (really icky blechy crapola...) day a lot nicer! No training today, too tired and migrainey, so we spent the day alternating between group cuddles (2 dogs, 1 cat, me and Laurent in a grand heap) and watching them play in the garden ending in a wash when Laurent started 'gardening' (aka digging and making a mess in the mud) and Sierra joined in enthusiastically. Oh for a camera!!!

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Shae said...

OOHH! Amanda you are making me "puppy clucky"-stop it!