Thursday, September 14, 2006

Do Aussie Shepherds Shed???


I get a lot of questions about Sierra's coat which is one of her more unique features. It really doesn't take a lot of brushing, far less thanthe Collie I had before her who passed away in 2001. It's pretty dirt/grunge repellant and has a proper texture for the breed so it doesn't really mat or pick up burdock/leaf litter from outside.

So the other question is, "Do they shed?" The answer is, yup, they sure do! Besides brushing, I have a special grooming tool that gets rid of all the undercoat which I use once every few weeks after she gets a bath. Here's the result of about half the dog brushed out with it! Still have to brush out the other side! So as you can see, YES, she DOES shed!!! LOLOLOL

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