Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Since I was talking about the places I missed, I started looking through photos of them and figured I'd share a few of my favorites. The first 4 shots are of the Lake Superior area....
The great lake as seen through the trees in the woods
One of the many waterfalls in the area
The painted rocks
Another of the waterfalls, this was shot during the low season so normally the water would be much more abundant
The view from one of the beach areas
My backyard in Fowerville, shot from the back of my porch... it was 20 acres of field and woods on a dirt road fairly far out. This is an older shot, from 2000!
A shot from my porch in the morning in Charlotte, all beautiful and misty.
A fawn taking a nap next to my deck!
Canandian Goose
Another early morning misty photo taken while walking around the property
Same area as the first shot except the sun is a bit higher and the mist has rolled out
Muskrat! Eatting popcorn I tossed in the water. ;-)
A malard duck drake

We had countless little creeks and rivers around, this was just one that was pretty while I was walking the dogs one morning in the early winter. I loved to go out and watch the sunrise, glistening on the fields of snow. The play of the light is just beautiful.
One of the nine billion deer, she's standing maybe 3.5 meters off my deck.
Okay, crappy photo but a nice memory... I didn't have a decent enough camera at the time to get it. Plus the farmer kept giving me suspicious looks for stopping and snapping pictures as this is an Amish area. Those are his draft horses, hitched to a wagon which he was loading hay on to go feed the rest of the critters.

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Sif said...


Aw, especially that last shot, that reminds me so much of Norway! I know you've said you've had enough snow to last you a lifetime but seriously, I miss it from time to time!