Monday, September 04, 2006


After searching for 6+ weeks, I've finally found a piece of music that A.) I like, which B.) has a beat that works for freestyle, C.) doesn't have obscene or bizare lyrics and D.) is fast enough for my speed-freak dog but not too fast for me! I may opt to do this instead of Popcorn because I just can't think of any ****ing moves to go with it really. :-/ It doesn't seem to work for the swirls and twirls that are Sierra's strongest trained tricks. I had heard "Sway" before but by a different artist who sang it slower - too slow for me to think would work. I tried it out a little bit and it seems to really tickle Sierra's fancy as well, she was wiggling like mad, weaving, bobbing and having fun playing stick-with-mom-as-she-tries-to-loose-you heeling.

In other news, I have NO voice... caught some kind of cough earlier this week and lost my voice a couple days ago. L caught the same thing earlier and had a horrid fever that kept him (and me....) up all night, sweating up a storm and unhappy the poor lamb. The fever broke that morning but he's been unsettled, very clingy, tired and whingey all day long. And snotty. *blech* I literally couldn't set him down for two seconds without him wailing like a lost soul so I got virtually none of the 9000 things I had to do done today!

In better news, the woman who had lost Sami whom I mentioned a few posts ago had also purchased another Sharpei from the same breeder that I worked for. This girl is Cleo, aka "Cleo-meo-myoh!" among other nicknames. She was my very favorite dog and from the very first litter I helped whelp, out of two American, United and Canadian Champions with health certs out their ears. I knew she was special the second I laid eyes on her, still wet and squeaking. I held her and told E.C. that this little girl would surpass both of her parents or I'd eat my hat. She has and is such a beautiful girl, inside and out! I had wanted to buy her but didn't have several thousand dollars laying around and didn't want to get involved in the terms of contracts the breeder liked to use. Long story short, this woman ended up buying her but is only NOW getting her... she arrived safe and sound the other night and I got some lovely pictures and updates on her! Oh I am SO glad she is in such a lovely home where she will be so cherished!!! This is just the best news in a long time and has not only made my day but made my MONTH!

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