Monday, September 18, 2006

Cuebiyar's Cross My Heart - Hope, at 1 week old

The pups breeder was kind enough to mail me some more photos she'd taken of the pup we're thinking will be mine on Saturday and I just HAD to share! I have to keep reminding myself, 1 week old is still too young to judge things for sure, you can get an IDEA but it's not a determination. Her optha exam could fail to be passed, her bite could be off, any of a myrid of other things which would affect if she were a show prospect and I've promised myself that this time, after 10 years of waiting, if things turn out differently than I'm hoping, I'll wait because I've wanted a dog to show with for a very long time. All of my previous dogs I intended to get a show puppy but then when one wasn't available or fell through, I just fell in love and while I don't regret doing so AT ALL... I do want to show and three is my limit for the foreseeable future. So hard and sucky as it'd be.... :-/

But... I'm not thinking about that at the moment! I'm just enjoying the high of looking at this beautiful little girl and enjoying my dream coming true! She's gorgeous, she's beautiful, Sierra is going to adore having a friend to play with, Cade someone to cuddle with, Laurent someone else to feed crackers and cuddle and me... I'm just going to have a blast with having a puppy again and have SO much fun showing and training! Ahhhh.... I can almost hear the squeak of pups looking for mommas milk and smell that lovely milk-breathed warm-n-fuzzy puppy smell!!!

We may have something of a plan on the moving front as well... looking at a few places out in the country which are nice but a bit more expensive than I want to spend just now. ($650-700K range) So we figured we might move to Blackburn or similar area now in a relatively inexpensive house, invest the balance of our profits in areas that yield higher returns than growth in real estate is averaging at the moment and when Laurent is a few years older and I'm able to work and Nic is hopefully making a bit more money as well, then we take on a house out in one of those areas that's like the ones that are a bit more expensive. Still have to work out how feasable that is buuuuuttt it's an idea. Or we might just move to Blackburn or we might just move out to the country. Jeeze, decisive aren't I!

Real estate dude was ill today, so the appt is set for tomorrow instead.

Will update on the training later tonight after we've more or less finished for the day!

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Sif said...

Not wanting to build your hopes unrealistically, but I have a good feeling about this pup - I can totally see her in your house...

Good to have a plan... Well, if you end up in Blackburn, at least Bryn will have someone his age to hang out with on occassion nearby :)... And we can help to socialise Hope ;)...