Saturday, December 16, 2006


Moved into this house from 37 Rathmines Road, six years ago for $330,000. Ironically 37 Rathmines is up for auction today as well, asking 1.3 million.

Our house quoted for this sale at $550,000, reserve at $590,000. RE Dude did his speech and started the auction. Within 5 minutes, it's sold. Final price $620,00

*opens a fine bottle of cyber bubbly and passes drinks around*

Sif and Leah, hoping you're having a great post b-day day and Amanda... I hope you're enjoying having your new girlie home at last! Now you have no excuses for forgetting your camera when you go puppy visiting and I expect to see Lacey and Leo pics on your blog! ;-p


loz said...

Yippeeeeee a wonderful early christmas present:D

katef said...

yay! great news! Congrats!

Leah said...

Far out what a fabulous result!!! :D Congrats! :)

Sif said...

OMFG!!!!!That's bloody FANTASTIC!!! I REALLY hope this means you will be living close by ;)!!! What an excellent early Chrissy present for you guys, and you deserve it!

aussienut said...

Oh WOW! congrats Amanda & Nic!!!! So glad to hear you got such a good sale on your house!!!! As promised, Lacey piccies are on my blog ;)