Wednesday, December 20, 2006

1. I've come to realize that my ex... Ex???
2. I am listening to...French music.
3. I it's going out of fashion, once I get to know you.
4. I love... my family which of course includes my critters, dogs in general and anything to do with them or learning or photography or gardening or scrapbooking or any of my hobbies!
5. My best friend(s)... are an amazingly diverse lot of people.
6. My first kiss... happened after I nearly flattened the guy involved.
7. I wish I was... able to help those around me when they're hurt and magically fix all their problems, even though I know they need to go through them to grow and that believe the universe puts us all where we need to be at the time we need to be there. I hate seeing others struggle or suffer without help, even when the best help is to care about instead of care for.
8. I don't like it when people... don't say what they think. I'd rather know their honest opinion and deal with it, be it good or bad, than either not be told or told something less than their honest thoughts and not know what's really going on.
9. True love... is amazingly strong, despite being a lot of work to maintain on both ends.
10. Marriage is... one of the best, hardest, most challenging and occasionally most maddening things to ever happen to me.
11. Somewhere someone is thinking... gawds, this chick writes too many freaking LONG blog posts... what a self-involved loonie! ;-p
12. I'll always... be eternally grateful to have my bubba because he is just the most amazing little person, be dog-mad, behaviour-crazy and love to learn
13. I have a secret crush on... no one actually. Ho-hum. I'm boring now.
14. The last time I cried was because... I was really tired and frusterated with Murphy figuring I was his favorite person to grant extra special favours to.
15. My cell purple. My old one had cute little anime baubles attached but the new one doesn't have a spot to hook them. It did have a sparkly diamond bling thingie but it got knocked off.
16. When I wake up in the morning...I wish babies came installed with a snooze button!
17. Before I go to sleep at night... I get a nice massage, talk with Nic about the day and think about what's coming up.
18. Right now I am thinking about... a friend of mine who is finding the strength within her to make a very scarey life change and take charge of her own fate.
19. Babies are...cute. And tiring. And make me clucky my stupid hormones INSIST on trying to con my brain into believing pregnancy really wasn't that bad (*chokescoughssputters*) and in fact it was rather fun and geeze, we want another bubba because newborns are so cute and sweet and cuddly and they turn into toddlers which are charming creatures. :rolls eyes: It's not like I don't HAVE a 14 month old who is still very much a bubba, a puppy, 2 other dogs I'm trying to train and would eventually like to go back to school and work. As I said, my head knows. My hormones are stupid, lying, clucky things who conspire against me!
20. I get on myspace... um. Not at all? *points to the blogger address*
21. Today I... spent most of the day playing with L and training with the dogs and sulking because my MG X-mas party was a bust and now we've got enough fruit salad to feed an army in the fridge! ;-p
22. Tonight I will... rock my bubby down after having lovely snuggles, play with the dogs adn train some more, maybe bake some muffins and have a nice drink of irish creme after Laurent has gone to sleep
23. Tomorrow I will... do much the same, except I've got a few bills to pay online and we're going to go into the city at some point for some puplet socializing and Chrissy shopping. :-)
24. I really want... a sense of peace amid the feelings of unsettledness and change that have been part of the past few weeks. I know that change is inevitable and must happen to prevent stagnation but sometimes, when I find something nice and lovely and start feeling comfortable in it, I wish it'd be the same for a little while before shifting and redefining itself! ;-)


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