Saturday, December 09, 2006

After last nights novel-length post, this is going to be mostly photos. I should say last nights post was really just me needed to get it all "out" there and see it all laid out in black and white yk? It's been rolling in my head over the past few years really, examined at every angle I can think of and come to a head with the impending sale. It's not solved, still weighing on me, I am thinking over what everyone has said and more... but amazing how theraputic it is just to verbalize it!

Bit of great news: Hope's dad Courage (aka Thornapple's Sub Zero) took CC and Best of Breed at a show today, completeing his Australian Championship ! HUGE congrats to his owners, Amanda & Ben at Cuebiyar Australian Shepherds, Linda Keogh of Myriahill Australian Shepherds and Andrea Bosco of Waikikamukau Australian Shepherds!!! Hope says, "WHOO HOOO, GO DAD!"

View from our street of Melbourne today, showing how much smoke is limiting visibility. Can you spot the buildings? (hint: the tops of the skyscrapers end ABOVE the top two powerlines)

Air Sierra! Sierra might not love playing ball but she is learning to love it now that Hope loves it! LOL The ball is the faded and dirty pale green blob in the upper left corner.

Cade shows that a grumpy old fellow can still keep up with the young hooligans! (The red/white blur in the bottom left corner is Sie's rump.)

No, she's NOT supposed to be on the bed! CHEEKY imp! I caught her relaxing there this afternoon!

Christmas puppy... with a bow and jingle bells, demonstrating a down. LOL

Two views of her left and right sides. (I flipped the one in photoshop, look at the front legs and you can see the difference.) Just to show how she's growing. Taken at 13 weeks on the dot.

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