Thursday, December 14, 2006

artsy-fartsie stuff and Christmasy stuff

Okay, here's one of the sketches. I will add more later on as my photo editor is being impossible right now.

This is an older dog I saw a few years back at an ASCA show. He was laying near his owner, at once attentive and aware of her and his surroundings, looking like this sage old soul with his wise eyes and his muzzle grizzled with grey, calmly taking everything in and exuding an aura that struck me as the very essence of Australian Shepherd! I'd love to find out who he is and what his breeding is! I am posting it rather large so that some detail shows. Unfortunately unless I leave it full size some of the detail is already lost. I'm not totally satisfied , as the muzzle and jaw isn't quite right, looks rather weak compared to the real dog... and I'm not sure the backskull isn't too narrow either or the planes are off or something... I just can't decide! BUT considering I haven't sketched or even doodled in... um... well, the last drawing I have was in 2002, so 5-6 years, I'm happy with it as a first effort!

This was... well, "experimental". We went to a "paint your own ceramics" store so Laurent could paint daddy a mug for Xmas and I grabbed this little necklace to paint for myself. It's about life-size. I'm NOT a painter, just do sketches and drawings but what the heck! It was cheap fun! The ceramics paints are sooorrtaaa a cross between watercolours and tempra but more 'grainy' and dull till they're fired - rather weird! It was fun tho, even if it didn't come out how I imagined. :-p I'd love to do it again when I 1.) don't have an impatient toddler "helping" by grabbing the brush every 2 seconds, 2.) have a photo to work from and 3.) have my own fine-detail brushes. The smallest, finest brush they had was a #3 Round!!!!!! Buh! I needed a 20/0 fine tip! That's like using a sledge-hammer to tap in a penny-nail! Also would love to do proper painting classes first too! ;-P

Our wreath, which I made. It's a fakey pine thing with gold stick bits from Lyncraft and an tin-cut-out Aussie silhoutte that reads 'peace' which I got off e-bay ages ago for .25cents! :-)

Stockings, stocking weights on the fireplace with our little decorative deer. The stockigns and such were bought but I made the deer myself. Man does the fireplace and whole room look different since we've packed up the antique mantlepiece!

Our tree... which I didn't make a blessed thing for but am proud of anyway!

Our Christmas turtledove. The ledgend is that the little birds would watch over you and then magically come alive and whisper to Santa how you'd behaved. While I don't like the labels of "naughty" or "nice", I do like the ledgend and the little dove was so gorgeous I couldn't resist!

Of course, this is my greatest masterpiece... about 5 seconds before he covered that nice white shirt with mud!

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HipbubbyMama said...

Fabulous drawing! That's awesome! :) I want to go do that ceramic panting thing, I read about it in melb Child. is it exxy? I bet it is :( Would be a great Xmas pressie for nanna tho!