Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Random stuff...

Have been feeling pretty lousy lately, with my ears flaring up again. It's been on and off over the past few weeks but this week I'm feeling really washed out, woozy, very tired and spacey. It's not a bad one but if anyone is wondering why I've been quiet, that's why.

A couple of nice things have happened in the past few days though. At a big sale on baby clothes I got 7 pants and 2 shirts for about $10 each, which is great considering they retail $50+ a piece.

Ordered the Büche de Noël, happy to see that even though Regal d'France was sold the new owner is French speaking. Not sure if she's French or not... maybe Belgian? Lovely lady though.

I ended up missing the ASCV's Christmas meeting but I made Freestyle last night even though I was pretty out of it. We didn't do as well as I'd have liked, due wholely to me slacking off on practicing. I'm hoping my ears settle and I can catch up over break! Sierra got a gorgeous Christmas gift from my instructors!!! They got each student a bag of special dog biscuits made to look like Christmas cookies. There's Christmas trees frosted and decorated with carob & yogurt "choc", gingerbred men, choc/vanilla swirl cookies and the cutest - a bone shaped biscuit printed with Sierra's name!

Also found two pieces of music I'd like to do routines to as well. The first is another Michael Buble one, Crazy Little Thing Called Love. The other is a French one from Juliette Gréco, La Fete Aux Copains. Gorgeous voice, strong ideals, song is sort of period-esque parisian bohemian cafeish.

Also need to take care of Chrissy prezzies. The train we'd planned on for L may not arrive in time - a wooden pull along train with letters spelling out his name. Still working on his shoes. A few other small things for him to open as well. Nic... the first part of his gift will be a hand-painted ceramic mug or something, which L is going to paint. Going to go down to the ceramic shop in Malvern or Kew or Camberwell for that maybe later today or tomorrow? Other than that, I'd like to do something meaningful for him but a model kit would be more appreciated. Other thing on my list is one of those wooden advant calenders with little pull out drawers that you can paint up yourself and a brass hangie-thingie that goes over the door to hold a wreath... maybe Lincraft would have those?

I also realized last night that Miss Hope is 3 months (EEK!) and I probably ought to look at what shows to enter her in and such. Hnn. Actually I think first I ought to look at registering her here in Victoria actually... and probably should read those show rules and regulations and such. And I should probably talk to her breeder about all this and about her papers and contract and such! LOL I know things are winding down now but these are probably things I ought to at least look into, y'think! ;-)

A recent trip to the beach... The first one is Laurent, charging straight in before deciding he Did Not Like this one bit! He's a pool guy! The second one is Sierra, stalking a seagull and looking rather wolfish! LOL The last ones are a series of Hope's reaction to being asked to join us in the water: 1.) "You want me to WHAT?!?" 2.) "Okay, if you say so..." and "I'll stick with you but I still think you're nuts for wanting to be in this bunch of wet-stuff!" It was VERY windy btw, so don't worry, her one ear isn't going prick! ;-)

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