Saturday, December 16, 2006

So tomorrow is the auction, 11am promptly. I feel like I *should* be nervous but instead there's just this odd sense of calm. I feel like what will happen will happen, I've done what I could and anything I wish happened differently is in the past now anyhow. Hopefully it was enough, if not then we deal with that when it happens but either way it's out of my hands and I have to trust in my own strength to deal with things and trust the universe to put me on the path I need to be on. I'd still really rather a bunch of really rich people showed up and we sell well over the reserve...*cheeky grin* but either way, eventually the house will sell, eventually we'll move, eventually we'll find a place and would just look back and wonder at the melo-drama.

The good thing is, we met with the RE Agent and he said we had a decent number of people come to look and a few who said they'd be here tomorrow, one phone bidder from out of state who is moving back, some of whom came back repeatedly and even bringing their parents, and all of whom were in a position to buy. Last week was 36 auctions in this area by this RE agency, with only 20% passing in.

So there are 3 ways it could go. One is that no bidding besides vendor bidding happens, it passes in and we go back on the market when it reopens in February. Option two is that we get a few bidders but nothing spectacular, we do 'negotiations' and try to squeeze them up to a better level, a process which could last 2 weeks or so. I'm hoping neither of those happens as I'm decidedly over everything feeling up in the air. Option three is that we get a few rich, eager bidders who get very competative and make me very happy.

So that's that. Trying not to think over much about it until I know one way or another what's happening. It feels rather surreal to think of moving, even though I'm eager to go elsewhere, I will miss aspects of this house and it's where a lot of "big" things in our life have happened. Nic proposed in the living room. We got married on the front porch. Laurent came home here. All his firsts have been here. All the holidays we've spent as a family have been here. It's the last place we saw Grandpa alive... after he had 2 heart attacks here, one in the kitchen and one in his bedroom, both of which scared me witless though he was fine. It's the last place Nic saw his mum awake and aware, as she was mostly in a coma while at the hospital where she passed away and it's the last place they were together as a family before the cancer took over. It's where Bella is buried, underneath the roses. And it's where Hope came home. As much as I'm eager for a new home, I'll miss seeing the places that have had such a lot of our lives in them too.
Other than this, I had a really nice day. Spent it dallying about shopping, finally found Laurent his green shoes! Did heaps of socializing Hope and she got to see a tram depot, heaps of people wanting to pet her, a walker, three types of cane/crutches, a bajillion prams, kids scooter, motorized wheelchair big truck with airbrakes, ate at a cafe etc. Literally it was like, take one step, stop to let someone pet her, say good-bye, take another step, stop to let someone else pet her, etc! We got a lot of typical "Is that a Border Collie?" questions, nothing new. But new was one lady who asked if she was a Border/Kelpie and when I said, no, actually she's an Australian Shepherd insisted she figured a Border/Kelpie because Borders didn't come with those copper marks. Y'know, except actually they DO. They also come in red, blue merle, blue-bi etc. and this pup is actually an Australian Shepherd. Whhheellllllll... she'd never heard of any Australian Shepherd before and there was OBVIOUSLY had Border blood in her somewhere! I finally got fed up and snarked, "Well I'm sure that's news to the judges who awarded her sire and dam their championships, her sire having taken a Best In Specialty Show, her dam also a multi-Best of Breed winner and an American and ASCA champion under senior breeder judges at that!" before walking off. Some people!!!!

Had a great night out with Sif and everyone celebrating her and Leah's birthdays! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!!!!

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