Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy news! Hope now has 8 brand spaking NEW half-siblings through her sire Courage, who has a new litter by RUBISS Ch. Silvanwood Dark Force! They are GORGEOUS! Total is 2 black tri females, 1blue merle female, 1 red merle male who is struggling a bit at this point and would appreciate good thoughts, 3 red tri females and 1 blue merle male.

What else to do on a hot day but hang out pool side??? *G* Some pics from the morning play session:

Blowing raspberries with mouth-fulls of water is amusing! (Yes, even the pool is GREEN!)

Shouting with pleasure while he pours water over himself. That's a toy watering can in his hands.

He's got a tennis ball. LOL You can't see it but that's what she's after!

Refreshing! :-O I love the fact half the cup is dribbling down his face. (At least it's fresh pool water! Slightly less yarg-worthy!)

Hope going snorkling for dog treats. We were in stitches as she'd stick her nose on the bottom, blowing bubbles while snarfling around for the treats.

Soggy pup coming up for air, chicken-stock-ice-cubes-with-hot-dog-bits successfully being devoured!

Even Sierra, who doesn't really like pools, needed to cool off!

The sketch we got done by a street artist a few days ago for a few dollars. Amazing the guy got anything sketched because L was doing a remarkably good impression of a mutant-eel-creature the whole "sitting".

Okay, so I've been looking at the show schedule, which is pretty quiet due to the holiday season, trying to figure out what shows to enter Hope into. ~_~'

Sif, I will have to look more into requirements. I have been mainly listening to a friend of Nic's who just graduated law/IT and said that basically if you don't go to a private school, you're S.O.L. and he got bumped for students who scored lower but were from higher ranked schools. I've definitely considered that what *I* want for Laurent may not be at all what he wants or what he wants may shift over time. Have considered that even if he's fine with country living as a youngster, many teenagers in the country find trouble out of boredom. Not all kids, but growing up in a rural area I've certainly seen it happen plenty.

My thinking is, yeah I'd like him to go to college, but if he wants to go another direction that's fine too. However I want the opportunity there for him if he wants to explore/go after it yk? It would kill me for him to have the marks and interest only to not be able because he doesn't have the right names on his records. (Yes, those are MY issues talking I know! *G*) That's one of the reasons I liked Preshil, among others... it's basically Reggio Emilio philosophy and goes from preschool to HS but also has the rankings. Teaching him the stuff I think the philosophy will do is SO important but I don't want to gain one at the cost of the other. (Hence other RE schools being 2nd/3rd, also the question of continuity of style.) From my talks with the principal - while they don't advertize it because they don't want people coming whose only goal is ranking and not the philosophy, they do have a VERY good ranking, comparible with Carey, Camberwell Grammar etc and without asking students to leave to maintain their ranking. Overall I really DO like the school, it seems (up to gradeschool, haven't seen HS yet) to be very compatible withthe style which I'd probably use to help him at home if he needed it also. Other things are important too, including my wants but I can't help but feel I'd be selfish insisting on MY wants coming above practicalities and what's good for N and L too. Trying to be kind to myself though too and thanks for reminding, goes to Leah, Loz and Amanda too! Would be interested to hear more about those areas you're mentioning as well. Thanks guys! :-)


Anonymous said...

Blogger keeps eating my posts..

Look into Ivanhoe grammar the plenty valley campus, parade umm no idea of their rankings though

The areas around here Yarrambat, Yan Yean, Doreen, Hurtsbridge and surrounds..

There is also Mickleham

Sif said...

How would you be thinking of getting to the comp on the 12th if you had someone to watch L? If you would be driving up, then maybe I could help out? I'd love to come watch, and I'm sure Bryn and Laurent could hang out together??? If you have a second bolt for a second car seat...

Hmmm, ok, I have to admit I haven't heard about the ranking thing, but you know, my friend Wil Anderson (of Glass House fame) had his choice of Unis for doing Law or Journalism (in fact, he'd gotten two offers for Journalism, and rang the Age to ask which Uni he should choose, they told him he should have applied for a third Uni, so he contacted this third Uni AFTER first round offers went out and he was offered a place, based solely on his TER, and he went to highschool in Sale (country Vic))... Oh, he also got offered Law at whichever Uni is the best one (don't know which one it is, but it was the best one)...

Cabrissi said...

Aw bugger, well it looks like it got through finally! :-) Those are all South Morangish area right? Have looked at SM/Epping area and DH flatly vetoed it as "too far out". *applies 2x4 to husband*

Sif, I'd be driving with the dogs in the trailer you saw on the camping trip. Really, it was more a note that I was chooseing Saturday over Friday because of L but had only intended to go to 1 show for her first time out. Sort of like how they transition kids to school slowly. Hope is pretty well socialized and adaptable but if we went 2 days in a row, her stress hormones would still be "up" from baseline the 2nd day and anything negative that happened would have more of an impact etc. She's growing like a weed but is still really just a baby. :-) I would LOVE to have you guys come to a show though!!! and should be able to put B's carseat in just fine if we scoot L's over. (Has 2 or 3 hooks, I just have L in the middle atm.)