Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's been a busy few days. We had a nice get together at Sif's when she was hosting a party and got to catch up with everyone! It's been ages! (And yes, Cami came with... and snuggled on my lap all day.)

This weekend, Saturday was the Victorian Waterfowl Associations show and it turned out to be a nice show and of course lovely to catch up with friends old and new. Some others had very lovely birds... I totally fell in love with this adorable little call duck of BB's... very unusual colour and they're so TINY... about 1 lb I think. I told him to clone her so I cna buy some! LOL

Today was an poultry auction at Euroa. I ended up getting 3 lavender pekins and a trio of OEG bantams. Foggy morning up through the mountains... and after a great day buying and catching up (some of you may have sussed out gabbing is my favorite passtime) we wandered back doing the tourist bit in my favorite spots at Strathbogie, Alexandra, Cathedral Ranges State Park and the mountains coming up towards Healesville on the Maroondah Hwy. Now of course I do have a widdle-bitty puppy who needs meals 3x day and I could hardly leave her kenneled all day. So what to do? Well... to be honest, she was carried around all day, both days and took it all in stride. Really, I think she must be one of those little chihuahuas you see rich people carry in their purses! Put her down and she'll play or follow you but pick her up and she's happy as a clam there for as long as you like. And when I needed both hands...

Yes, she snuggled down in Laurent's sling. LOLOL She was comfy as could be and alternated between watching and snoozing. Lots of compliments to pass on to Kate on what a well behaved and clever pup she is. (She knows sit and potty on cue, this is amazing to many people who aren't used to clicker training!)

And a couple from our return trip near sunset...

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Juniper said...

OOoh, Amanda, love the puppy in the sling! Soooo cute! It was great to see him IRL the other day at Sif's, I just wish I wasn't allergic so I could pet him!

I am jealous of your house and land - when can we come up and visit you???