Friday, June 20, 2008

More garden updates

The ugly, rusty old fence is GONE and the fence-line prepped... new one is going up on Tues/Wed hopefully when supplies etc arrive

Anyone want agapanthus??? I've got absolute HEAPS torn up... free to anyone who wants to drive out and pick them up!

The front path - bricks all gone (it only took me an age to pull them all up too) and the bobcatting has been done so it's nice and level and the new step you see was created by putting a heap of new dirt there and compacting it into a 'step' and higher level.

Someone was a bit puzzled by all the ruckus... not fussed mind you but puzzled as to what it was!


Sif said...

So, what are you laying down instead of the bricks for the front path? Pavers? Something else?

Geez, I wish I could drive up and have a closer look, you've been there forever and I've never out for a looksee!

Amanda O. said...

The fencing is heritage wire with windsor posts, the wire a sort of creamy colour and my current picks for colours for plinth and toprail being dark mulled wine red, posts deep straw with dark red accents. Or I may go with straw posts, dark cream plinth and toprail and still the light cream wire... I can't decide!

The bricks are being 'recycled' - they'll be the edging of the new path and a decorative brick diamond inlaid in the center along the path. The filling is Tynong toppings, which are a more sustainable version of the lilydale toppings. A treliss wall will block off the bins/gas cylinders from view and be covered with a climbing rose, either a pale yellow banksia rose with dainty little flowers or a great big gorgeous 'Jude The Obscure'. A sandstoneish coloured stone-work circular bed will go where the path diverges from the main door to the mudroom door to add additional visual barrier, planted with dwarf munsted lavenders, silvery foliage plants, a stone urn in the middle planted with purpleish flowers, variagated dangly ivys and silvery foliage somethingorothers. I wish my scanner worked... I have actually sketched it all out!

Wait until I've got the path put in and the fence up. The fence posts should be in by Tues/Weds, fencing shortly after that, path in a week or two... then I'll come pick you up if you want. ATM it's sooo slippery (wet claymud=BAD) and no fence around the road so you'd not want La and Bryn to be out there at all! LOL

Sif said...

Cool, trying HARD to see all that in my minds eye, but honestly, the jargon is screwing with me a bit - can't wait to see it irl!!! After the school holiday (mid-july they end) would be great for me, actually!