Saturday, June 07, 2008

*honk honk honk*

These are our newest residents, the white is a young Embden and the other pair are young Brown Chinese geese. They are charming, friendly birds from Tribe of Honk in Silvan, Vic.

Well, they like ME at any rate. The dogs are convinced the ducks are much nicer as the ducks don't mind if the dogs have a bit of their food whereas the geese bop them on the nose or bum if they get too nosey. The most frequent recipient is Cami who hasn't quite figured out that just because you *see* food doesn't mean it's yours. LOL

Little fuzzle is growing quickly and becoming full of beans. She's a clever little girl, easy to train and attentive. She's just starting to get the first inklings of a 'please' behaviour and a conditioned relaxer in addition to the highly important skill of being able to play "soccer" with La. (She attacks the whole ball with her front feet like a kitten with a ball of yarn. LOL) Leash work still remains a bit of an impression of a rodeo bronco at times though. ;-)

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