Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mixed news today.

On one hand he survived the night and when we called this morning they said nothing much had changed.

His potassium is relatively normalized, sodium is on it's way, BP has stablized, pulse-ox is showing much more friendly numbers, hydration is good, glucose is good, temperature is stable, and he's kicking up a fuss. For a dog who was ringing death's doorbell yesterday that is majorly improved.

The bad news is that the neurological signs have not only not abated but grown more pronounced - he is less with it, only minimally responsive, compared to last night where he was still responding to voice and seeing me trying to wobble into my lap. Much more signs of hyperexcited involuntary behaviour in terms of paddling to the point, head pressing we had to adminster IV valium to keep him from doing himself injury. So basically the returning strength in terms of the supportive care has allowed the neruological stuff to manifest itself more fully and seems to point to the neurological problem being primary rather than secondary since it's not resolved itself with the electrolytes rebalancing... the sodium isn't fully normal but it's down enough you can make a pretty safe assumption that lowering further won't cause improvement.

At this point, it's as clear as can be without running him through a neurological workup (MRI, spine tap etc) that we're dealing with a brain tumor or leison of some sort or possibly meningitis encephalitis although the later is exceedingly unlikely as he'd had a good heavy course of hard-hitting antibiotics the other day and should have seen at least some slight sign of improvement or at least not getting worse. But the brain is a funny thing sometimes, so we're taking a last ditch shot and giving him another round of antibiotics today. If we're beyond very lucky, see some response and can assume it's meningitis which gives a best case 10-20% chance of recovery.

If it doesn't respond, it's likely the brain tumor or such, then we will probably have to let him go, as I can't see putting him through weeks of testing to find out out it's not opperable, or find out it's opperable but at high risk of loosing him on the table (poor anesthesia canidate) and would put him through the rigors of major surgery to buy me a few weeks or month at best. He's done too much for me over the years for me to drag him through that and have him miserable just so I can feel better for a few days.

At this point I figure I will afford him the one last slim chance with todays round of antibiotics as he's comfortable, sedated and not suffering, so I can know that every chance was afforded to him. The outcome hinging on what the morning reveals.


Kristie said...

Amanda, I know all to well what you are going through, as I went through it with my cat Xander. He was my soul cat and although only with me for a small amount of time, I was never the same afterwards.

I pray and wish that Cade makes an improvement.

I wait for news tomorrow.

Lucy C said...

Still thinking of you.

loz said...

Amanda holding onto hope for you all that Cade improves with the antibiotics. Will be thinking of you all.

Sister Suffragette! said...

Thinking of you and Cade and so very sad to read this news.
I'll be sending vibes that those ABs work some magic.

Mary said...

I so hope he responds to the ABs. Much love to you all.

Stitch Sista said...


Raiwyn said...

Huge *hugs* Amanda :(

HipbubbyMama said...

Oh no not Cade!!! Oh Amanda I am so sorry! *huge hugs*

Thinking of you both, praying for a recovery for the beautiful boy..