Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm super exhausted since I've been up all night and at the vets and then the emergency-overnight clinc all of today - 10:00 and just got home, so please forgive if I'm a bit all over.

Cade, my oldest dog is very, very ill. The vets have had him on supporitive care all day long since they opened, running tests etc. The neurological symptoms have not abated all day and are not responding to medications although the other meds are helping. He's had some sort of neurological problem... he was snoozing when DH called me over saying he was shaking like he was really cold. When I came over it looked almost like a seizure but not loosing conciousness - tremors and ataxia and then profuse vomiting. The same thoughout the day with meds to keep his heart strong, try to control the tremors, meds for vomiting etc At 8pm he was transfered to the emergency center for overnight care (IV, monitoring bloods, can upgrade if he starts to fit again) - the vet there seems very good and is giving him additional tests in ultrasound and if he doesn't have another attack overnight, then thinks a brain scan advisable but also says she feels there is something going on like a brain tumor that's causing this and I need to consider that she thinks it isn't likely it will have a simple cause or maybe even a cure.

He's only 10, far too young for him to go, especially so suddenly and he's been with me through everything from highschool, graduation (snuck along on that trip), college, car accident and subsequent yuckness, several moves in the US, moving to Australia, marriage, pregnancy, baby and loosing DH's grandfather, moving again etc.

The only good thing is he is fighting... even after we transfered him to the emergency clinic so he can have IVs at night, the head vet there examined him and turned the drips back on and after having me sign some papers took me back to his cage and when I came around the corner and could see him he wobbled up to his feet and started trying to paw the door to get to me. Poor old chap, even if he's used to vets (used to come to work with me) he's not fancying being parted all night.

The biggest hurdle now is keeping him stable till morning and getting the neurological symptoms under control so they can do more tests and hopefully find a problem and it's not as awful as a tumor.


Kristie said...

Oh, Amanda... my heart is with you. Please update us when you can!

Be strong little Cade!

Mary said...

Oh no! Sending biggest, strongest dog healing vibes to Cade.

loz said...

Thinking of you all I hope Cade has faired well overnight.

Love to you hun